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In the 1930s and 1940s big bands were at the height of their popularity and a name band could often give as many as six performances a day, commanding massive ticket sales at high prices. Today the demand for big bands has gone down, but the expense of producing quality big band music has stayed the same. In a world where most big bands are unrehearsed pick-up groups, the GCO strives to continue to perform music as well as the name bands from the Jazz Age and Swing Era. 

To do so, we rely on generous Patrons who love this music as much as we do and want to help support its creation. Funds donated by our Patrons are put toward the cost of rehearsals, arrangements, travel, and equipment. I hope you'll help support the preservation of classic big band jazz by becoming part of our community of patrons. Here are three great ways that you can help support our mission:

The GCO is raising funds for our rehearsals on a crowdfunding platform called Patreon. Patrons can subscribe for $2 a month or more. In addition to your donation helping with rehearsal costs, you'll get access to a feed of jazz history and educational content that I personally create and curate. Patrons also have the opportunity to view our rehearsals and more! Please help support us at

There are a number of pieces of equipment that the band still requires for performance, promotion, and travel. Here's a list of our needs. If you'd like to help support the band by purchasing a piece of equipment for us, please contact Glenn directly using this link.

We're always willing to take one-time gifts to use at our discretion toward equipment, arrangements, travel, and rehearsals. Please contact Glenn directly to make a donation.

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