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Musicians around the US are losing most or all of our income to the Coronavirus outbreak. It may be months before our lives and incomes return to normal. Meanwhile our friends and fans are stuck at home as well and could use some great music to lift their spirits! So I'm bringing together some of the US's top jazz musicians to record a "remote album" to generate some income to help us get through this difficult time!

What's a "remote album?" Usually jazz albums are recorded with all the musicians in a studio, all recording together. But since we can't gather in one place due to the outbreak, each musician on the album is going to record their part at home and then I'll put them together in my home studio. It's a very difficult way to record, so I've brought together an all-star group of musicians whose experience and talent are necessary to make a project of this nature a success!


Glenn Crytzer (guitar, vocal, bandleader, arrangements)

Bria Skonberg (trumpet, vocal)

Ben Paterson (piano)


Evan Christopher (clarinet)

Jason Jurzak (bass)


Chloe Feoranzo (soprano sax, tenor sax,  vocal)

Josh Collazo (drums)


The Melody That Follows Me (Words and Music by Glenn Crytzer)

Lucky Devil (Words and Music by Jason Jurzak)

I Wish I Hadn't Forgotten (Words and Music by Bria Skonberg)

My Daddy Rocks Me (Words and Music by J. Berni Barbour)

Blame It On the Blues (Music by Doc Cooke)

The 5 song digital EP is "pay what you want" to help raise money for these musicians to pay their rents, bills, and buy food over the next few months! Everyone who contributes will get a copy!

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