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Musical Christmas Greetings

This Christmas it's time to replace those boring old Christmas Cards with a musical video greeting featuring a one-of-a-kind, personalized performance of the holiday song of your choice and a personal audio or video message from you!


Your personalized greeting will:

  • Bring a big smile to the faces of your friends, family, colleagues, employees or clients.

  • Save you hours of time you would have spent hand-writing paper cards.

  • Make you feel great because

    1. You'll be supporting the professional musicians recording your video who are out-of-work due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

    2. You'll be helping other artists and musicians in need because we're donating 20% of profits to MusicCares!

3 Simple Steps:

1. Place your order below.

2. Use your phone or computer to record your personal :30 audio or video message and email it to us. (If you need help recording you can schedule a call with Glenn to assist you).

3. We'll record a video of us playing your song and overlay your greeting during instrumental section of the music with your video as a "picture in picture" in the corner, just like in the example. When it's all done we'll send you a private link to the edited video

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