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EQUIPMENT: For performances within driving distance and up to 200 listeners, the GCO can provide sound equipment, all instruments (except for piano) and risers for the brass section. We also have a lighting rig appropriate for small venues. For larger venues and for performances we must travel to by plane, the booker must provide sound reinforcement, appropriate lighting (as agreed upon), and risers as needed.

PIANOS: The GCO uses only acoustic pianos. We regret that we cannot accept gigs that require us to use an electronic keyboard. For venues without a piano, the GCO frequently manages the piano rental on our clients' behalves. GCO combos smaller than 7 musicians may be booked without including a pianist, but including one is always strongly recommended.

SET UP: The GCO uses a special sound and microphone set-up designed to create an authentic-to-period sound. This set up has been tested and proven effective in venues ranging from 50 to over 2000 attendees. Because this set-up is unfamiliar to most sound engineers, we require final approval over all sound reinforcement decisions.

Please see GCO stage plots and riders below. For small combos please request rider and plot.


Stage Plots

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